The Happy Hunters
Frances E. Hunter May 8, 1916 - July 14, 2009 . Charles E. Hunter July 23, 1920 - June 22, 2010

Charles and Frances Hunter spent nearly 40 years leading "healing explosions," where they prayed for the sick and taught Christians about the ministry of healing. Known as the Happy Hunters for their ready smiles and quick humor, the couple wrote more than 50 books about divine healing, including the best-seller How to Heal the Sick. Their daughter, Joan Hunter, has taken over the leadership of Hunter Ministries since the passing of her mother, Frances Hunter, in July of 2009.  Her father Charles passed away in June 2010.  Joan flows in a greater anointing than her parents and has authored several books and travels worldwide just as they did.

Gifts to Hunter ministries are designated for missions efforts to bring God's healing power beyond the 4 walls of the church to the 4 corners of the earth.


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Worldwide Day of Healing 

About: Worldwide Day of Healing

The Worldwide Day of Healing or WWDH, is recognized and celebrated on the 3rd Saturday of September every year!

At the beginning of 2006, the Holy Spirit spoke to Frances Hunter and gave her the idea of the National Day of Healing. It would be a day when churches of every denomination would open their doors from 11 am till 2 pm and pray for people in their community. Among the first to announce their participation was Cal Pierce, director of the John G. Lake Healing Rooms across the country. 

Daystar Television, Charisma Magazine and the Lakewood Church with John Osteen were some of the major supporters of the National Day of Healing. Frances even flew to North Carolina to speak with Sid Roth about this amazing occasion. Pastors in many nations around the world participated and opened their doors to pray for the sick. 
The National Day of Healing was historic! It was nothing short of a Healing Explosion multiplied and worldwide! People wrote in for weeks and weeks after the first event. Sharing praise reports of healing, miracles and signs and wonders. Testimonies came in from Pakistan, South Africa, the Philippines, Brazil, India and MORE!

The National Day of Healing had gone worldwide and to honor and fully represent all that God was doing, the Happy Hunters changed the name in 2007 to the Worldwide Day of Healing. We have just celebrated our 9th Worldwide Day of Healing and we honor Charles and Frances Hunter for all that they did in ministry. Their daughter, Joan Hunter, and her daughters are continuing this spectacular ministry event.

The work of the Lord continues to this day. Charles and Frances Hunter are examples of God taking unlikely candidates and making them world changers. Charles & Frances wrote more than 70 books and most of them are available to order online. Frances went on to glory on July 14, 2009. Charles went on to glory 11 months later on June 22, 2010.
Joan Hunter travels and teaches healing schools and hosts miracle services around the world. She has continued in the healing ministry that her parents started. With Joan's ministry schedule taking her around the world, her daughter Melody, hosts the Worldwide Day of Healing and has been since September 2015. You can watch it live or the archive at www.joanhunter.org/streaming every year.

Healing Schools 

Are you interested in or already hosting a Healing School in your church or home? Let us know so we can post it to our website!  

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